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At Estate Law Partners, LLC, we take great pride in using our knowledge of the law to provide clients across the greater Madison area with high quality legal counsel as they draft their last will and testament. Although most people have heard of a will, many do not know what happens if they pass away without including a last will and testament in their estate plan.

What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

If you pass away without a will, then your assets will be distributed according to state laws. This mean the State will ultimately determine both how and to whom your assets are distributed to.

Our reputable and compassionate Madison wills lawyers have the knowledge and resources that you need to make sure your legacy is protected. We are here to help you draft a detailed will that is in the best interest of your entire family and other loved ones in your life.

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Benefits of Making a Will

The following are some of the benefits of including a will in your estate plan:

  • A will can be used to designate who you wish to parent your children if you suddenly pass away
  • A will prevents the state from making any decisions on your behalf during the probate process
  • A will allows you to leave specific property to specific people
  • A will allows you to select specific people to manage and handle distributing your property
  • A will can save your heirs significant expenses and prevent feuding among them
  • A will can be used to plan for personal matters, like burial arrangements and pet care
  • You can amend your will if circumstances change in your life

How Can an Attorney Help?

A skilled wills attorney plays a critical role in ensuring your wealth, assets, and legacy are handled according to your intentions. They provide expert guidance on the complexities of estate planning, averting potential legal pitfalls, and mitigating disputes among beneficiaries. These legal professionals work with you to craft a comprehensive will, leveraging their knowledge of probate laws, tax implications, and legal processes to ensure your final wishes are both respected and legally enforceable.

Services offered by a Wills Attorney:

  • Drafting a comprehensive will: They assist you in creating a legally sound will, detailing how your assets and wealth should be distributed.
  • Estate planning: They provide expert advice on estate planning, guiding you through different aspects, such as trusts, funeral expenses, and tax planning.
  • Reviewing your will: As circumstances change, they review and update your will to reflect these changes and ensure it remains valid and up-to-date.
  • Providing legal representation: In case of any disputes over the will, they represent you in court to ensure that your wishes are upheld.
  • Probate process navigation: They guide your family through the probate process after your demise, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Guardianship designation: They help in legally designating guardians for minor children or dependents.
  • Power of attorney and medical directives: They assist in setting up power of attorney documents and advance medical directives, ensuring your welfare is entrusted to someone you trust.

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    Does a Husband and Wife Need a Will?

    A husband and wife may have joint wills or separate wills. If you have a spouse or are getting married soon, consider creating a will. 

    What is a Joint Will?

    Married couples may opt for creating a joint will -- this means that there will be one will for two people. Joint wills contain specific wishes regarding what should happen after one spouse dies and what should happen next when the second spouse dies. Typically, when one spouse dies, that spouse’s estate goes to the surviving spouse. When the surviving spouse passes on, the estate will go to the children.

    For experienced legal counsel on joint wills, get in touch with a seasoned Madison will attorney at Estate Law Partners, LLC. We are more than happy to answer your questions, help you understand your options when it comes to writing wills and planning your estate with your spouse, and create a will that meets the needs of your family.

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