How can you settle a loved one’s estate?
Have you been named as a Personal Representative/Executor in a will?
Has your loved one died and left no will?
Not sure just how to take care of what they left behind, or where to start?

We just take care of things.

Our unique process keeps the Personal Representative  / Executor informed and in control.

Wisconsin & Illinois Probate, Estate and Trust Administration

Probate Attorneys Serving Clients in Madison, Wisconsin & Rockford, Illinois

Our Probate Settlement System is unique and designed to keep the Personal Representative/Executor in control. We prepare all of the paperwork for the Personal Representative’s/Executor’s signature. We appear in court. We pay the bills from the estate account. And we give regular reports to the Personal Representative/Executor, and account for every penny owed the loved one’s estate.

The responsibilities of a Personal Representative/Executor are tedious, but also perilous. There are dangers to the Personal Representative/Executor if they are not careful and responsible in handling the assets of the deceased. A Personal Representative/Executor can be held personally liable for losses of the estate if they do not take their fiduciary responsibilities seriously.

Our process was designed with over 15 years’ worth of probate experience. The process guides the estate through the court’s requirements with efficiency and transparency. Our attorneys and staff make all contacts with the court and the creditors.
The efficiency of our process makes us able to handle your case for a very reasonable price. Of course, more complicated estates take more time and money, but when they are handled with our system, they go smoother and faster.

Though the probate process typically takes a bit longer than a year, we can often help cut months from that timeline. Of course, we can’t guarantee how long probate will take because every person who passes leaves a unique set of assets and liabilities, and family members.

If you are responsible for settling a loved one’s estate, we invite you to request a consultation with one of our experienced probate attorneys.

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