Have Your Student Set up a Healthcare Power of Attorney Before College

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Protecting Your Student

As your college student prepares to move out and start their new life at school, it is vital to ensure they have all the necessary paperwork. A healthcare power of attorney is one essential document that should be taken care of before leaving for college. This document will ensure that the person you trust can handle any medical decisions or procedures on your behalf if something unexpected happens while away from home.

In this blog, we'll discuss why having a healthcare power of attorney is so crucial for college students and how to set one up correctly.

Protection Against the Unexpected

The healthcare power of attorney document is critical for college students as it allows them to identify the person they want to handle their healthcare if they cannot do so themselves. This document will also grant access to the student's medical records and enable them to make decisions regarding care, such as consenting or refusing treatments and procedures. This document will help protect the student's health and well-being, even if they cannot make their own decisions.

Know Who You're Appointing

Before filling out the healthcare power of attorney form, students need to identify who they want to make medical decisions on their behalf. The student's parents are the most straightforward choice, but another person may be chosen in other situations. It can be helpful to discuss with that person what powers they will have and if they are comfortable taking on this responsibility. You may even want to ask the person to list what powers you grant them.

Make Sure it is Legally Binding

Before leaving for college, the healthcare power of attorney document must be legally binding in the student's state of residence. If a student needs medical care while away from home, a healthcare power of attorney may not be legally binding in the state they are attending school may not be recognized.

Work With Wisconsin Estate Planning Attorneys

Having a healthcare power of attorney can provide your college student with much-needed protection and give you peace of mind. For this reason, it is essential to have your college student fill out this document before leaving for school. This helps ensure that the right decisions can be made about their healthcare if anything unexpected happens.

For help creating this healthcare power of attorney or anything related to estate planning, turn to the team at Estate Law Partners, LLC. Learn more or get started by calling (608) 292-5185 or visiting our website.

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