Say, "I love you," with Estate Planning


It’s February. The month of amore. Love. There are so many ways to show the people who are important to us that we love them.

The obvious ways:

  • Say the words, “I love you”
  • Send flowers
  • Leave a love note
  • Cook a special candlelight meal
  • Hold their hand in public

The more subtle ways:

  • Put down the phone and listen when they talk
  • Support their dreams
  • Ask for their opinion
  • Show appreciation

And a way that most people don’t think about:

  • Create an estate plan

When dealing with the loss of a loved one or their incapacity, emotions run high. There is a laundry list of decisions to be made, things to think about, etc. Having an estate plan that clearly defines your wishes during incapacity and at death helps your loved ones make these decisions...because you’ve made them ahead of time. There’s no guessing as to what you would want. You’ve left a set of instructions to follow. You’ve helped them during one of the most difficult times of their lives, because you love them.

Our Madison estate planning attorneys would be honored to help you create your estate plan. Call today at (608) 292-5185 to schedule a consultation!

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