Reviews & Testimonials

“Very positive. Efficient, thorough, friendly, informative. Very glad I attended the free seminar.”
Steve B.
Dec 2019
“Very easy to work with.”
Sharon M.
Nov 2019
“Very detailed and provided information on the questions we had.”
Brian F.
Nov 2019
“My wife and I have had the opportunity to work with both Dan (Krause, attorney) and Nelson (Donovan, attorney) and found them both to be extremely professional and helpful in regards to our estate planning. We would highly recommend the Krause Donovan Law Partners.”
Tim H.
Oct 2019
“Knowledgeable and someone you can trust”
Tom K.
Oct 2019
“Overall, we are very satisfied with the process. Everyone was helpful and gave a family atmosphere. Thank you!”
Greg & Kerrie Z.
Oct 2019
“I would highly recommend Krause Donovan. I'm a mother of 5 and Danielle (Burza-Smith, attorney) helped me understand the importance of having an estate plan in place. Great customer service and really easy process!”
Staci D.
Oct 2019
“Going to lawyers generally makes me feel uneasy, but everything from my initial inquiry into the process to receiving the final binder went smoothly and everyone made me feel comfortable.”
Vicki H.
Oct 2019
“I like how everything was up front from the beginning with no surprises.”
Nancy M.
Oct 2019
“Wonderful estate planning services. Danielle (Burza-Smith, attorney) was great at meeting all our needs and making sure everything is in place.”
Jodi O.
Oct 2019
“Seminar was informative and steps were clearly defined. Portals made process of gathering information and transmitting easy and efficient.”
Richard & Sandra M.
Oct 2019
“It was a great experience. Everyone is friendly and helpful as well as very knowledgeable.”
Nancee B.
Oct 2019
“I thought the overall process was thorough and went exceptionally smooth, and at a reasonable cost. I will certainly recommend Krause Donovan to family/friends for estate planning services.”
Rick H.
Oct 2019
“Extremely professional but not 'stuffy.' It was a comfortable, personal experience working with the attorneys and their staff.”
Sue M.
Sept 2019
“I felt very comfortable and at ease with the process. No question was 'stupid.'”
Kyla M.
Sept 2019
“We feel that we had an excellent experience and achieved our goal of having an organized estate plan for the benefit of our family. It is giving us peace of mind to have this all in order at a time when we are both capable of making good decisions.”
Thomas L.
Sept 2019
“You were all great! Excellent service!”
M & C B.
Sept 2019
“Very good experience. Most informative.”
Donn & Rose
Sept 2019
“Excellent staff. Great atmosphere! Relaxed, yet very professional team.”
Terri D.
Aug 2019
“It was enjoyable working with all of you. You made it less painful for my husband. (He didn't want to think about this.) You listen to us and made no judgement.”
Mona C.
Aug 2019
“Very good. Obviously everyone really knows & understands their job and explains it well. Very knowledgeable. Thank you.”
Todd & Christy T.
Aug 2019
“Extremely satisfied with the overall process. We now have a "peace of mind" that our affairs are in order.”
Maureen H.
Aug 2019
“Excellent. This is a very important step to take in our lives and we feel we received valuable and helpful advice.”
Michael & Emily L.
Aug 2019
“We were very happy with the staff and great customer service by all we met. Would highly recommend to anyone in need of planning for the future.”
Krista G.
Aug 2019
“Very impressed with the overall concern of the staff.”
Stephen & Joanne B.
Jul 2019
“I feel very comfortable & confident with the services I received. Thank you very much.”
Grace H.
Jul 2019
“Very comprehensive process and extremely competent staff.”
Susan W.
May 2019
“I highly recommend Krause Donovan for all of your estate planning needs. They are thorough, knowledgeable, and very helpful. They explain the process in terms that are easily understandable and always have your best interests in mind. Excellent estate planning attorneys at a very reasonable price!!”
Barb G.
Apr 2019
“Very satisfied. We feel that Krause Donovan has helped us greatly in providing for our future and our children's future. Thank you!”
Greg & Diane K.
Apr 2019
“Very, very good. Big step for us that was done with ease and understanding.”
Connie M.
Apr 2019
“This is a difficult activity to do. I found all the professionals used language and behavior that was sensitive but direct. The legal guidance was directed towards my best interests. It was knowledgeable, clearly explained, and left me feeling I had trustworthy information.”
Jill I.
Apr 2019
“The biggest thing was your knowledge. We came in knowing nothing and you guided us through everything, which was a comfort. Your staff is awesome. Very friendly.”
Robert & Lisa J.
Apr 2019
“Very positive experience. Timely manner. Very professional.”
Gail & Greg A.
Apr 2019
“Very knowledgeable staff. The law office went out of their way to accommodate us. I am very pleased to have everything in order in such a professional way. I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!”
Kathy G.
Mar 2019
“Nelson Donovan did a superb presentation last night. Excellent materials, understandable language and explanations. I needed to do this for myself and my family. Glad I attended and will go ahead with an estate plan. I'm not rich, but I'm not stupid either!”
Mar 2019
“Great experience and helped make a complex matter easier to understand and easier to get through.”
Julia C.
Mar 2019
“Excellent. Informative. You listen and are gracious, professional.”
Karen B.
Mar 2019
“Continue to follow your procedures, which are excellent! We felt respected by everyone. We found nothing to complain about!”
Richard & Miriam M.
Mar 2019
“Our overall experience was very welcoming. I was very nervous about the whole process, but the staff made me feel very comfortable. They are very knowledgeable. Emails and calls returned right away. All was an awesome experience.”
Kari R.
Feb 2019
“Having worked over 30 years in a law office setting with attorneys and staff, I was very impressed in many ways with the quality, professionalism, and attentiveness of both attorneys & staff.”
Greg K.
Feb 2019
“I liked that enough time was scheduled to converse, even about whatever! I did not feel rushed or cut off by anyone!”
Jen Z.
Feb 2019
"The entire office is professional, collaborative, courteous, and efficient."
Phil & Pam M.
Feb 2019
"My husband and I needed a will and turned to Krause Donovan for their help after the firm had invited us to a "what is estate planning all" about dinner/meeting. Having a will was something we knew we needed, but kept putting it off. Krause Donovan was wonderful...they asked all the right questions, were patient with our back and forth, and everything was wrapped up successfully. We are relieved that there is a plan in place. That gives us peace of mind."
Feb 2019
"The whole process from start to finish was excellent. The entire staff was great. All the binders were very well laid out."
Doug & Shannon G.
Feb 2019
"My experience was phenomenal. The warmth, skill, friendliness, and dedication of all of your staff made my experience unique and memorable. While I was surprised at how many people I interacted with, it affirmed that I was in the best of care and with very knowledgeable people. I feel like I’ve been adopted into a warm and truly caring family!"
Scheryl S.
Feb 2019
"My wife and I felt carefully listened to and well served through the entire process of estate planning. From the support staff to the attorneys, everyone has been responsive and attentive. We are pleased."
Richard P.
Jan 2019
"The team demonstrated a high level of support in a process that was emotionally charged. We’re glad we did it!"
G.O. & E.A.
Jan 2019
"We feel so much better now that we have this taken care of. Everyone in this office is wonderful! Thank you!!"
Jonny & Jill S.
Jan 2019
"We worked with Dan to draft our estate planning documents. He was very thorough and helpful during the process. His team did a great job making sure everything was taken care of for us from beginning to end."
Jan 2019
"Helpful and kind staff. It was wonderful working with you all. You made a potentially painful process easy. Thank you, all. You have it perfected!"
Ron & Elaine W.
Jan 2019
"This is a very organized process. I appreciated all of the staff. You had me from Nelson’s presentation. Dan is wonderful to work with. You are all to be commended in the work you have put in organization, knowledge, expertise and customer relations. It was well worth the time and money. Great comfort in getting this done. Thank you."
Wendy N.
Jan 2019
"I am so relieved to have this done! You made it so easy. I should have come in years ago!"
Phyllis D.
Jan 2019
"I am very satisfied with the Krause Donovan Estate Services. They are very efficient, professional, personable, and answer all questions/concerns. They will treat you with respect regardless of the size of your estate, and I give them a High 5!"
Sherry S.
Dec 2018
"We had a very good experience."
Philip & Doris F.
Dec 2018
"What a great attorney! He explained everything to us in plain English, no legal jargon. He took the time to understand our goals and our family situation. He was friendly, thorough, and very knowledgeable. We are confident that should anything happen to us, our trust will take care of our family the way we want it to. We highly recommend Nelson and his firm."
Dec 2018
"Impressive professionalism. Well done! Thank you."
J. & P.W.
Dec 2018
"Very easy, positive experience. Feel so relieved we did this. Have already given two friends your info for their trust needs. Highly recommend you."
Joe T. & Diane H.
Dec 2018
"Well managed and informative meetings with everyone involved in the process. Answered questions so that I understood what I needed to do to have a document that conformed to my wishes."
Pat R.
Dec 2018
"Friendly, professional organization."
Bob S.
Nov 2018
"I felt very comfortable working with Mr. Krause and Mr. Donovan, as well as all staff members. I also feel you sincerely care about each person’s situation regardless of the size of their estate. TRUST was established up front and throughout the entire process. I am confident I can contact you should questions arise and look forward to our business relationship."
Nov 2018
"Very comfortable with the entire process. Everyone was very professional and friendly. Felt at ease from the first contact. Have recommended you for a friend."
Don & Donna S.
Nov 2018
"The team at Krause Donovan is outstanding. Prior to meeting with them, I was under the misconception that a trust was for "rich people". My 79-year-old mother was financially comfortable, but certainly not wealthy. Krause Donovan was able to explain everything to us & guided us through the process to establish her trust. I am eternally grateful to Nelson Donovan and his team for their expertise, professional guidance, and compassion."
Janice U.
Nov 2018
"This is the most well-run organization we can remember. Everyone is so welcoming and knowledgeable. Very professional!"
Rich C.
Nov 2018
"Great experience! I was dreading this process but you all have made it not only painless but comforting. Thank you for being such tremendous folks!"
Laura C.
Nov 2018
"We have felt well served, well listened to. A good experience."
Rich & Ruby P.
Nov 2018
"We would definitely recommend you to friends and family. It was a great experience."
Craig & Cindy C.
Nov 2018
"I think your firm does a very good job explaining and implementing the process. Every step of the process has been of high quality and very much appreciated."
Teresa A.
Oct 2018
"Although hesitant at first, I immediately felt at ease throughout the entire trust process. I have come away from this experience happy and relieved that I have provided my family for their future once I am gone."
Alan C.
Oct 2018
"Professional. Knowledgeable. So easy to work with."
Sally W.
Oct 2018
"Could not be happier with the experience we had. A will is a sensitive and emotional thing to do, but important, and you guys made it so easy. Everything was handled in a timely and professional manner. Great staff! Thank you!"
Dan M.
Oct 2018
"Very good experience. Professional & friendly."
James B.
Sept 2018
"The book on estate planning was very informative and changed my thinking about what I had to do. Very pleasant experience, much more than I expected."
Dick H.
Sept 2018
"Outstanding people from the first workshop to the last meeting. I felt very valued as a person. My questions were always answered. I’m very pleased I completed this task and am thankful you helped me through it."
Duane D.
Sept 2018
"Preparing or updating one’s will and/or trust is not something that one looks forward to doing, yet we felt that our experience with Krause Donovan was informative, useful and rewarding."
Roland & Gayle B.
Sept 2018
"We were very pleased with the process, knowledge, and information. It is a relief to get all the legal documents, estate planning, will preparation, and powers of attorney completed. Now we can continue to live well!"
M.M. & C.T.
Aug 2018
"Was very pleased with our experience here. Very professional staff. Explained details that were easy to understand. Very glad we came here to do the trust."
Steve E.
Aug 2018
"Very personable people, and patient too!"
Mike & Jackie C.
Jul 2018
"I really appreciate the peace of mind that goes with the confidence I have in the trust you produced. I also appreciate how your staff was willing to listen to my tangential stories that were not directly relevant to the trust. It made me feel valued as a person!"
Gail S.
Jul 2018
"The Krause Donovan team helped make our estate planning process easy and stress-free."
Chris & Shannon F.
Jul 2018
"Great experience! We know our estate is small yet no one made us feel poor or insignificant. SO happy it is done!"
Bill & Catherine M.
Jul 2018
"A very well organized and enjoyable experience. All members of the staff are friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Would recommend to anyone!"
Pat C.
Jun 2018
"Very good experience! Paperwork is not fun (which is why we hired it out) but we feel we were well taken care of."
Dan & Brenda S.
Jun 2018
"All individuals were attentive to our requests and offered guidance to complete our wishes in our trust. We feel confident that the end result is as we wished."
Bob & Shirley M.
May 2018
"Everything was wonderful from start to finish. We would highly recommend (Krause Donovan) to anybody in need of estate planning for themselves or a loved one. The whole staff was a pleasure to work with!"
Jen R.
May 2018
"Clear presentation of information. Great follow-up and friendly reminders. Very satisfying engagement."
Rick S.
May 2018
"We like the fact that you explained the trust in depth. Our past experience in this area was not as well done as it is at this office. A very good learning experience."
Neil & Pam H.
Apr 2018
"I was concerned we wouldn’t understand the process, but everyone made it super easy. It’s a huge relief to know our kiddos will be taken care of!"
Mark & Alexandra S.
Apr 2018
"We appreciate how comprehensive the information is and the ability to freely ask questions. The final product is well assembled and will act as a wonderful guide in settling our estate."
David & Jane L.
Apr 2018
"Very professional and compassionate!"
Troy B.
Apr 2018
"Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Ease and comfort of the process."
Don & Jean T.
Apr 2018
"The wonderful staff was comfortable and very helpful. Good job! Keep doing what you do!!"
Donald & Sharon H.
Apr 2018
"Everything was extremely well-organized and thoroughly explained. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend others to your firm."
Derek & Corine F.
Apr 2018
"I enjoyed the thorough explanation of all of the details it took to make this happen. They are very courteous and knowledgeable."
Mar 2018
"Krause Donovan is extremely well organized; a well-oiled machine. I appreciated that they took the lead and walked us through each step. One less thing for us to worry about."
William & Shawn D.
Mar 2018
"I liked that everything was explained in a way that even someone with little knowledge of the process could understand. They made making major life decisions easier!"
Lisa B.
Mar 2018
"Everyone was very informative, listened carefully to my needs, and crafted a trust that I am confident will serve me and my interests. As a veteran, I especially appreciate having my needs served by others that understand my concerns."
Mitchell T.
Mar 2018
“Easy to understand. Kept answers in layman terms. Good guidance. Overall good experience.”
Mark & Lisa G.
Mar 2018
“Good information and help with decision making. Very friendly and professional.”
Feb 2018
"We both appreciated all the great detail in making sure we understood everything. Especially the tabbed binder with all the information and instructions. Thanks ever so much!"
Don & Barbara Z.
Feb 2018
“Great experience. Very professional.”
Feb 2018
"We felt welcome and comfortable. They made us feel like they cared and wanted us to know it was done right and they are there if we need them. The process was very easy. We knew we needed to do it but never seemed to make time. We were very happy with the practices of the company and are confident they are current on all laws."
Marvin & Dixie S.
Feb 2018
“All staff was very kind and courteous.”
Jan 2018
“All of you are extremely helpful, courteous, caring and patient. Overall experience = excellent! A++++”
Lorne & Inez N.
Jan 2018
“The experience was very good, and something I should have done years ago. They were all very attentive and took care of any questions or needs I had.”
Robert W.
Jan 2018
"Very pleased with our experience. The partners very knowledgeable and you can tell they enjoy what they do. The entire staff I'd very helpful and pleasant to work with. Highly recommended."
Maggie S.
"Thank you so much for all of your hard work and time so far! I really appreciate your guidance throughout the process, it has already taken a huge weight off of my shoulders."
Michelle M.
"He and his staff were kind, considerate and patient with all the questions my family and I had and the advice he gave us was a tremendous help. I would strongly recommend Krause Donovan to anyone needing legal help with estate planning."
Arlene F.
"We were pleased with the friendly and professional manner in which you and your staff explained legal matters to us. We felt confident that we were in “good hands” in the drawing up of this sensitive and important document."
Sal & Marcelle G.
"Really willing to spend the time to answer all of your questions."
M. & V.K.
"Krause and Donovan are personal, thorough and very knowledgeable. The staff is also warm yet, professional. For me, it was an easy decision."
"The whole process was clearly defined and efficiently executed. All aspects of our expectations were collected and accounted for in the legal documents. He was great to work with, explained the process and legal details in a way we could comprehend and left us with the confidence our expectations will be met with our passing."
Mike & Chris K.
"Very excellent job of answering questions. Liked the friendliness of the attorneys and how everything was explained."
"I was very happy with the whole experience. Everyone there was very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you very much!"
Carl A.
"From start to finish, we were well informed. The whole process is well planned and executed."
Tom & Barb H.
"It is great to find a company that still understands what customer service is! Thanks for all the help."
Mike W.
"Helpful in an overwhelming situation. While we were learning a new reality for us, the process of making sure we were financially prepared was made much less complicated by Krause Donovan."
John & Sandra S.
"Dan Krause is very knowledgeable in the area of trusts and wills. He created a fairly complicated trust for us at a comparably reasonable price. He is easy to work with and provides excellent advice. His staff is very personable and helpful as well. Our overall experience was very good and we would certainly recommend a consultation with Dan in his particular area of expertise."
Ronald S.
"Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, patient. Very good experience."
Kevin & Cindy K.
"The whole process, although overwhelming, was handled promptly, professionally and with thought and care."
Jim & Laurie V
"We think all information was presented so it was easy to understand and we are so happy that we have this completed for our family."
Roger & Diane Z.
"Estate planning was something we knew we needed to do, but didn’t have interest in doing it. Your staff made the process very easy and painless. The free workshop provided a lot of good examples of how a trust can be helpful."
Kent & Michele E.
“Everyone was very pleasant and professional. The meetings were very efficient yet allowed plenty of time for questions.”
Margaret S.
“All of our questions were answered thoroughly. Staff were very knowledgeable and friendly.”
“Very accommodating. Easy to work with.”
John T.
“Our experience was excellent. Your team was professional and patient. The team answered all of our questions and we were confident with the service.”
“Thank you so much for handling my estate plan! You made things go very smooth and with no worry on my part. Everything was explained thoroughly!”
Carol H.
"Dan is very knowledgeable and thorough. He is also very quick to respond to questions and concerns. We have enjoyed working with Dan and his staff in creating our living trust."
Rick J.
“Everyone we had contact with during the process was very helpful and answered our questions. We felt confident with the whole process. Thank you.”
Tom & Penny S.
“I was very pleased with the process and outcome.”
Pat H.
“Very professional, detailed, courteous, and prompt. Helpful dialogue on pros and cons of various topics and good explanations of legal terms.”
Scott & Brooke K.
“All were very helpful explaining everything and answering any questions I had. I felt very comfortable working with everyone.”
Pat W.
“Great experience!!”
Jody S.
“Very professional and thorough”
“The professionalism and friendliness were very good.”
“Great experience! Everyone we dealt with in the office was very professional and personable. Thanks.”
Dave & Mary S.
“Prompt, timely, thorough, easy to work with.”
Bob & Audrey B.
“Liked the friendliness of the attorney and how everything was explained. Very excellent job of answering questions and explaining all aspects of the process.”
D. & K.B.
“We have been treated very well in this process and the staff was very courteous.”
Mark & Darlene C.
“Professional and informative.”
Tim M.
“Very attentive, pleasant and informative!”
Linda B.
“Helpful in an overwhelming situation. While we were learning a new reality for us the process of making sure we were financially prepared was made much less complicated by your group.”
J. & S.S.
“Answered our questions and helped us navigate the legal.”
Jeff & Emily B.
“Your staff took the time to answer all of my questions and any questions raised by my daughters. I am very happy with everything being done for me. Thank you so much!”
“Laid back but still professional approach. Timely and polite. Thank you!!”
K. & E.J.
“Very organized and efficient. Everyone was very helpful.”
Kyle & Jessica R.