Estate Planning For Aging Parents: Are Mom’s Affairs in Order?

A few simple steps now, will greatly ease many of the transitions you are likely to face in the coming years.

A Surviving Spouse Needs An Estate Plan. Are You Prepared?

What’s going to happen when you die? If your husband died without a will, you probably don’t have an estate plan of your own. Get one.

Here’s One Way to Disinherit the Son-In-Law You Hate

A family from the United Kingdom has made international news, as a result of an alleged will forgery fueled by a mother-in-law’s disdain for her daughter’s husband.

Estate Planning and Pets: Should You Plan For Them?

In one of the most famous pet trust cases, hotel magnate Leona Helmsley left $12 million in a trust for her dog, Trouble. The judge reduced Trouble’s inheritance to $2 million.

A Recent Survey Asks, What Are the Biggest Threats to Estate Planning?

For the second consecutive year, family conflict was identified as the leading threat to estate planning.

Wills and Estates: There’s A Reason Why Laws Exist

A man executes a will leaving his property to three people. Later, he executes a new will removing one of the heirs. Finally, he executes a third will, leaving his property to the original three people but doesn’t get the will witnessed. Which will is in control?

What is the Best Way to Leave an Inheritance to a Grandchild?

While everyone from brand new parents to great grandparents can benefit from the advice of a competent estate planning lawyer, frequently the individuals making sure that their affairs are in order, are those in their golden years. They have a common concern: what about their grandbabies?

As a New Parent, Have You Updated (or Created) Your Estate Plan?

For new parents, the need for legacy planning is especially obvious.

I Don’t Own Much. Why Would a Guy Like Me Need a Will?

People are often under the misconception that a will is only necessary, if a person has a lot of assets, is wealthy, or has a complicated financial planning program in place. The truth is that everyone needs a will. The value of a person’s belongings has very little to do with the need for a will.

Estate Planning to Avoid Hurt Feelings, Family Battles, and A Royal Mess

Have you filled out a will stating exactly how you’d like your possessions and wealth divvied up, should you die? If not, you might be leaving behind a mess for your loved ones.