Estate Tax: Some States to Consider Avoiding When You Die

Does your ability to pass on your wealth to your heirs depend on where you live … and die?

Why Are Wills So Important In Estate Planning?

Estate planning can be tricky, which is why many people turn to attorneys to get the job done right.

The Big Problem with Do-It-Yourself Online Wills

These documents could save money but can lay estate planning traps.

How Do I Estate Plan for a Child with Special Needs?

Estate planning for a child with special needs can be challenging.

Is It Fair If I Divide My Kids’ Inheritance Unequally?

Most of us would like to be remembered for who we were, not what we had. If you have any assets that you’ve accumulated during your lifetime that you plan to leave behind, it’s on you to figure out who gets what.

Estate Planning is Important, Even If You’re Single

Are you single with no kids and approaching retirement? If so, you probably have not given much thought to estate planning.

Powers of Attorney: What Are the Common Myths?

While most of us have heard of a power of attorney, many have misconceptions about them.

Wills v. Trusts: What’s Right for Your Estate Planning Needs?

While we are young, many of us neglect to consider what will happen to our family and property after we pass away. Youth gives us the illusion of invulnerability, but the truth is that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

Estate Planning and Divorce: How Do I Make the Right Moves?

Getting divorced is a complicated process, even for couples without any minor children. This is because it requires dividing up a partnership, so each individual can go his or her own way. While there are many details to iron out in terms of dividing assets, one thing that often gets overlooked, is how your estate plan will be affected.

How Do Family Relationships Mess Up Estate Planning?

Families should plan early and communicate their wishes to their estate planners, as well as update their legal documents to reflect those wishes.