Waited Too Long to Save for Retirement? Here Are Six Things You Can Still Do

In a perfect world, we’d all have saved enough by age 60 to relax about money and start planning our golden years.  However, in reality, says Bankrate.com, most people find themselves rapidly approaching retirement with not nearly enough savings. Some key suggestions are covered in “6 last-minute retirement planning strategies.” No, they’re not as good […]

Tips for Finding an Estate Planning Attorney

Finding an estate planning attorney who can help you create an estate plan that works for your family, is an important first step in creating an estate plan. You’ll want someone you are comfortable with, who is respected by other professionals and will be able to help your loved ones during emotional times. An article […]

Retirement Savings: Ahead of the Curve or Behind the Eight Ball?

Are you saving enough for retirement, asks US News & World Report in the article “Are Your Retirement Savings Ahead of the Curve?” Maybe the better question to ask is more specific: How much income do you think you’ll need to replace your salary to pay for your chosen retirement lifestyle? Remember that even when […]

Digital Assets: Another Reason to Update Your Will or Trust

Ensuring that your property is appropriately managed and disbursed upon your incapacity or death, is no longer limited to physical or financial property. Your estate plan now needs to include digital assets, the online accounts that are in your name, says the Journal of Financial Planning in the article “Don’t Forget Digital Assets in Estate […]

Who can Serve as the Executor to My Estate?

Picking an executor to your estate is an important part of your estate planning process and should be done with a lot of thought and consideration about who is best to carry out your final wishes and ensure posthumous dispersal of your assets.

Can a QTIP Trust Help You and Your Spouse Save on Estate Taxes?

Creating a QTIP trust is not necessarily difficult, but it is something that must be done carefully to ensure there is no confusion as to your intentions.

The ‘I Love You’ Estate Plan: Do You Want to Include Everyone?

Many estate plans fall into the “I love you” estate plan. This isn’t always how it goes, but it’s the rule rather than the exception, according to nwi.com’s article “Estate Planning: Excluding a loved one from the plan.” The exceptions are mainly because the family dynamic requires it. For instance, the person is not married […]

Why do Wisconsin Estates Publish “Notice to Creditors” in the Newspaper?

Assuming you are the type of person who still reads local print newspapers, you might wonder what those “Notice to Creditors” you sometimes see in the back pages mean. These notices are actually part of the probate administration process in Wisconsin. While it might seem antiquated to rely on print notices in the digital age, […]

Make Your Funeral Plans in Advance: Pre-Planning Can Help Your Family

For most folks, postponing thinking about their funeral is the status quo, until someone close to them dies or until they have a health scare. Worse, according to The North Platte Telegraph’s article, “Sunday Focus: Don’t wait to make a plan until it’s too late,” they don’t address their demise at all, putting friends and […]

There’s more than a Roth or an IRA to Your Retirement

Most people work at a company that offers them a way to contribute to a retirement account, usually an IRA.  However, there are more options available, according to a recent article from Forbes titled “10 Retirement Accounts You Should Know About.” Few of us need less money in our retirement accounts. Most of us enjoy […]