Caring for Elderly Parents

It can be difficult caring for elderly parents, especially if your parents are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Caring for elderly parents is a situation that more and more children are facing as the average age of senior Americans continues to increase due to the availability of better healthcare and improvements in lifestyle choices. […]

Three Documents Your College Student Needs Before Going to College

As you prepare your child to go to college, you are probably making a list of everything your child will need. Regardless of whether this is your child’s first year at college or his fourth year, every college student needs various things each year as they return to school. From school supplies to new clothes […]

Estate Planning Tips for the Single Person

When you read articles or blogs about estate planning, they mostly focus on married couples or people with children. Very few address the need for single people to have an estate plan. Whether it is because we assume that single people have not accumulated significant assets, they do not have children to worry about, or […]