Estate Litigation : Can Your Personal Representative Handle It?

Everyone who creates an estate plan hopes that the settling of their estate will proceed smoothly and quickly. Unfortunately, though, litigation sometimes arises after you die. Whether it involves a challenge to your estate plan, or defending or prosecuting your rights in an unrelated matter, your estate may become a party to a civil suit. […]

No Good Deed Untaxed: Coordinate Gifting Strategy With Estate Plan

During the festive holiday season just past, many people were keenly focused on the process of giving gifts to their loved ones. If you’ve given a large gift of wealth to a loved one, or are contemplating giving one, it is wise to consider the ramifications of this gift, and ensure that your estate plan […]

No Time Like the Present: Estate Planning Isn’t Just for the Rich, Sick or Elderly

Many people make the unfortunate mistake of believing that, if they are young, in good health or not wealthy, they do not need to worry about estate planning. This outlook is both erroneous and potentially harmful to you and your loved ones. In reality, it is never too early to start working toward having a […]

‘No Contest’ Clause: Could Be a Good Idea

One concern many people have when they set about to plan their estates revolves around a challenge to their wills or trusts after death. One important reason for creating an estate plan is to assert control over the distribution of one’s assets, and a legal challenge undermines that, potentially shifting that control to the courts. […]