Special Plans for Disabled Children: Estate Planning for Families with Children with Special Needs

Every family has its own unique set of needs and goals with relation to estate planning, and every family needs a plan. But in few cases is the need for doing careful, detailed advance planning greater than with families who have children with special needs. Due to both their needs, and the nature of government […]

Winds of Change: Wisconsin Legislature Weighing Overhaul to Trust Statutes

A bill that has passed the Wisconsin Senate and is currently pending before the Wisconsin Assembly would bring about the first major change to the state’s statutes governing trusts in more than four decades. The bill, known as Senate Bill 384, would, in large part, write the Uniform Trust Code (UTC) into Wisconsin law, bringing […]

No More Outright Distributions; Give Your Heirs Protected Assets

When your heirs receive their inheritance, will the gift be vulnerable to attack in bankruptcy, divorce or fortune-seeker’s lawsuit? It is not a myth: There really are people out there that wait for a person to inherit money, then prey on the beneficiary to gain control of your assets. In most cases, when an estate […]

Always a Good Decision: Health Care Providers Join in Extolling the Benefits of Planning for Incapacity, End-of-Life Choices

Medical practitioners and social workers across Wisconsin have joined the chorus of estate planning attorneys throughout the state in hailing the advantages of planning for the possibility of mental incapacity and the certainty of death, and the important health care decisions that often must be made in these situations. Through proper planning and document execution, […]