It’s Not Too Late: Estate Planning and End-Stage Terminal Illness

It is perhaps the most traumatic and stressful news a person can receive: you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and only has an extremely short time to live. In these situations, you may think of hundreds of things that need to be done, and estate planning may not be […]

Zero Carbon Footprint! We are Proud to Give Back

Krause Law Offices LLC is carbon neutral. Actually, we have reduced our carbon output (through purchasing offsets) so that we are making up for others’ carbon use. Through our partnership with, we have purchased carbon offsets to make up for our use of electricity, airline flights, and even our employees’ commutes to work! Combined […]

How Many Passwords Do You Have? If Something Happens to You, What Happens To Them?

Many sources, including the Wall Street Journal, have recently devoted space to covering issues related to estate planning and online accounts. While it is essential to ensure that your estate plan addresses how to deal with your web-based financial accounts, such as your checking account, retirement account or Paypal, having a truly complete digital estate […]

How Long Since You Looked at Your Will or Trust? If You Haven’t Recently, You May Want To

Most estate planning professionals will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes you can make is failing to update your estate plan. That’s because if you die with an estate plan that is not up-to-date, your plan likely won’t function the way you wanted, and may leave out beneficiaries you wished to remember, or […]

Focus on Minor Children: An Estate Plan Can Keep them Sheltered (and send them to college)

It may come as a surprise to you that more than half of all parents have no estate plan in place — not even a basic will. As your family celebrates the wonderful aspects of their lives, it may seem like an awkward or remote time to focus on an untimely death or incapacity. But, […]

How Do You Own Real Estate? Let Me Count the Ways.

Wisconsin law defines a number of ways an individual can own and distribute real estate. Each method offers its own unique set of advantages, and may be more or less valuable to you depending on your circumstances. Having a basic understanding of these may offer real value to you in deciding whether to keep or […]

Beware your Uncle’s Newfound ‘Friends’ – Some People Make a Fortune from Elders

Guardianship proceedings can be time-consuming, financially draining and emotionally exhausting. But should they always be avoided at all costs? Not necessarily. In many cases, a well-drafted estate plan, with detailed powers of attorney governing your financial and health-care matters, is entirely sufficient to meet your needs, leaving a court procedure unnecessary after your passing. In […]