Dirty Trick #41 to Steal Inheritance: Marry an Incompetent Widow

A recent Wisconsin Supreme Court case, McLeod v. Mudlaff, is among the most recent in court cases with “estates gone wrong” issues. While the Supreme Court’s decision focused upon the validity of the decedent’s marriage, the case arose initially as a probate dispute. The breakdown of the deceased woman’s estate offers some helpful instruction about […]

‘Pocket’ Deed : Maybe a Bad Idea

As people seek out ways to avoid the expense and delays that may be associated with probate administration, they may latch onto some “creative” methods for accomplishing this goal. One such method is a technique often called a “vest pocket deed,” or just “pocket deed,” and while it may seem extremely advantageous in terms of […]

Estate Planning Risk: ‘Adding Someone’ to the Title of Your Real Property

Beware the do-it-yourself “simple,” “efficient” estate plan. While simplicity and efficiency are valid objectives, it is important not to create unnecessary risk just so that you can save a few dollars in the short term. One risk that many people take is adding a co-owner to their real property trying to simplify the transfer upon […]

Using Your Wisconsin Estate Plan to Express Your Funeral Planning Wishes

Burial or cremation? Military honors? “Green” burial? You can control. Whether or not you have an estate plan, there is one aspect of your passing that may be extremely important to you but which you may have overlooked: funeral planning. Without the proper written documentation of your preferences, your family and friends may not know […]