The Key Elements of Estate Planning for Wisconsin Military Families

News sources everywhere highlight the importance of estate planning, regardless of your age, health or position in life. This advice is especially true for those Wisconsin families with one or more members serving in our nation’s armed forces. Whether you are single, married, have children or are childless, if you are a member of the […]

Assisted Reproduction and Your Wisconsin Estate Plan

Today, more and more families rely upon assisted reproduction technologies in order to conceive a child or children. According to Forbes magazine, that number is at a quarter-million families a year and rising. Couples or individuals may utilize artificial insemination, egg and embryo donation, and post-death gamete harvesting or conception as means for having a […]

Proper Wisconsin End-of-Life Planning Documents Can Save Your Family Anguish… and Money

Wisconsin law permits Wisconsinites to create a “Declaration to Physicians,” often commonly known as a “living will,” to provide instructions regarding medical care in certain circumstances. A living will can be an essential part of a complete estate plan, providing essential instructions if you are in an end-of-life or persistent vegetative state situation. A decade […]

Using the Wisconsin Marital Property Act to Facilitate Your Estate Plan

A little more than a quarter-century ago, the state Legislature passed the Wisconsin Marital Property Act (MPA). This statute, along with the state’s law regarding trust funding, provides a significant degree of flexibility to certain Wisconsin residents when it comes to estate planning. For many Wisconsinites, avoiding probate is a substantial estate planning goal. In […]

The Importance of Selecting the Right Agents for Your Wisconsin Powers of Attorney

Many Wisconsin residents, as they set about creating an estate plan, give considerable thought to the distribution of their assets. Sometimes, though, they neglect to give a similar degree of consideration to the part of their estate plan that matters during their lifetimes: their powers of attorney. This is a mistake, as the person you […]