Your Wisconsin Estate Plan Can Provide for Your Pets, Too

Four-legged friends need planning, too. Don’t forget your pets when planning to give your assets to family, friends or charity. Unknown to many people, your Wisconsin estate plan can include instructions, and financial provisions, for caring for your furry, feathered or other animal companion. Failing to plan, however, may doom your pet to an undesirable […]

Death of NY Real Estate Developer Contains Important Estate Planning Lesson for Wisconsin Residents

New York City may be a long way from Madison, both literally and figuratively, but the facts surrounding the death of one multimillionaire from Staten Island illustrate some truths about estate planning, and the failure to plan, that are nearly universal. The death of Roman Blum highlights some of the unintended consequences that sometimes result […]

Thoughtful Planning Helpful to Provide for Second Spouse

“The times, they are a-changin’” says a famous Bob Dylan song. This is definitely true regarding family units. Fewer couples resemble the Ward-and-June-Cleaver model. More and more people, as they begin the path of estate planning, are married to a second, third or subsequent spouse. A careful plan can help ensure that you leave that […]