Many Wisconsin Estate Plans Can Benefit from Using Both a Will and a Trust

If you look around the Internet, you may see several sources that discuss the question, “Should I create a will or a living trust?” In a significant variety of circumstances, the answer is, “Use both.” Whether your estate plan includes a living trust or what’s called a “testamentary trust,” a will is an integral part […]

Handling the Task of Being a Personal Representative

Having someone select you as the personal representative of his or her estate can elicit both positive and negative reactions. You may be honored, but at the same time, you may feel intimidated by the responsibility that comes along with it. Before you agree to take on this role, you should understand exactly the wide […]

Powers of Attorney Serve as an Indispensible Part of Your Estate Plan

While your living trust or will is a very important document, a comprehensive estate plan goes beyond just a plan for distributing your assets upon your death. Another essential component of a complete estate plan is power of attorney, which ensures that you have a person of your choosing to make decisions for you in […]

Pay-on-Death Designations: Benefits Come With Risks

If you’ve gone to the effort of creating an estate plan, chances are you have a specific sets of goals you want to accomplish with your assets after you die, whether that involves benefiting your family, friends or charity. One way to thwart this entire well-laid set of objectives, though, is to leave behind a […]