The Usefulness of Trusts in the Medicaid Planning Process

For many people, especially seniors, one of their greatest goals is to leave a legacy for their families, be it great or small. One key aspect of that legacy is their home, and one large threat to that goal is the prospect of a nursing home stay, and the resulting need for Medicaid benefits. “Is […]

Using Trusts to Continue to Provide for Your Loved Ones, Even After You’re Gone

You’ve spent a lifetime accumulating wealth with the hope of leaving a legacy after you pass away. However, you know your loved ones best, and know that, sometimes, simply handing your children or grandchildren a large sum of money or sizable assets is not necessarily the best way to take care of them and leave […]

Trusts, Transfer-on-Death Deeds and Avoiding Probate

Over the last several years, authors have expended much ink discussing the topic of probate and, specifically, avoiding probate. Today, with the continued evolution of the law, in Wisconsin and elsewhere, you have more choices than ever if you want to create an estate plan designed to avoid probate. Using the probate process can be […]

Consider Location of Assets, Loved Ones as You Plan Your Estate

Most everyone remembers the childhood song, “It’s A Small World.” With today’s technological advances, that world is getting progressively smaller. Along with this technology, the realities of modern economics mean that more people choose to be, or must be, more transient than ever. Sunny retirement prospects, or distant job opportunities, may lead you further away […]

Personalization is Key to Ensuring Wisconsin Estate Plan Functions Properly

If you are like many people, you understand that planning your estate is extremely important, but still have not put a plan in place. As you contemplate options for creating a plan, it is important to understand the advantages of a well-written, customized plan, and the risks of a “one-size-fits-all” one. Recent reports by respected […]

Supreme Court Case Highlights Need for Proper Estate Plan Maintenance

Everyone is aware of the need for conducting periodic maintenance on their cars and their homes, or undergoing periodic checkups for their health. But what about your estate plan? Simply adopting a “create it and forget it” approach to estate planning, with no checkups, can sometimes be harmful to your estate plan’s well-being, as one […]