Fair and Equal Inheritance for Your Children

Some parents dream of the day when their children will take over a family business. For those whose children have the same passion for the same line of work or business, seeing this occur can be a “dream come true.” For others, their dream becomes complicated if for some reason their child or children are […]

Careful Estate Planning Remains Vital for Same-Sex Couples, Even as Domestic Partnership Registry Survives Court Challenge

Wisconsin’s 2009 statute creating a domestic partnership registry survived a key court challenge, as a state appeals court upheld the constitutionality of the law recently. Even though the statute survived the lawsuit, its scope is still limited in nature, making a thorough estate plan a must for same-sex couples. In its December ruling, Wisconsin’s 4th […]

Is It Time For Scheduled Maintenance On Your Estate Plan?

When we purchase new cars the dealership issues us a maintenance schedule that we must follow in order to keep it in proper running order and to ensure that we comply with necessary warranty requirements. The same thing holds true when we purchase a new set of tires. In order to get the most mileage […]