How the Fiscal Cliff Budget Deal Affects Your Estate Planning

The fiscal cliff budget deal reached by Congress at the beginning of 2013 was complex and confusing to many Wisconsin residents but its effects are important to know, as portions of the bill can directly impact your long-term estate planning. In December 2010, Congress and President Obama reached an agreement on a piece of tax […]

Elderly Are Targets Of Financial Exploitation

We hear of scam artists taking advantage of the elderly far too often. These incidents tend to involve caregivers, persons with powers of attorney, perfect strangers and even family members. These are all forms of elder abuse by financially manipulating the elderly. Some traits that we see far too often are loved ones that suffer […]

Senate Passes Estate Tax Reform

According to many news sources, including CNN Money, the proposal the Senate passed and is sending to the House on January 1st includes an estate tax rate increase to 40% from 35%, but keeps the exemption at about $5 million and indexed to rise with inflation. This change would be permanent, so we would not […]

Make Estate Planning Your First Resolution For 2013

As we begin the new year, we resolve to do things to make our lives better in 2013. Usually, resolutions include joining a health club to remove the extra pounds that were gained during the holiday season, among other things. Why not make estate planning one of your resolutions so that you can have peace […]