Don’t Wait Until Boarding To Think About Estate Planning

Many of my clients contact me when they are planning trips. People are often reminded of their mortality when they consider flying in a plane or beginning a long road trip. They think about what estate planning they have done and the things left undone. What will happen if we don’t return due to an […]

Don’t Forget About Estate Planning Issues When Getting Divorced

Estate planning is probably not something that seems to be relevant when a couple is going through a divorce. People don’t need something else to deal with during that traumatic process. However, there are several things that you should consider doing that could have a huge impact on how your wishes are carried out. It […]

Telling Your Children About Their Inheritance

Many parents are unsure about what to tell their children about their inheritance for fear that their knowledge of even the most modest amount might cause them to be less productive adults. Considering predictions that the baby boomer generation is going to inherit approximately $12 trillion from their parents, this is understandable. A 2010 study […]