Creating a Trust to Benefit Children With Special Needs

All parents should have a comprehensive plan in place to provide for their children in case of their own unexpected death or incapacitation. Parents should consider both the future financial well-being of their family and who will act as a guardian in their absence. Although creating a financial and estate plan is important for all […]

Preserving Your Wealth Using a Disclaimer Trust

As autumn approaches, many Americans with a high net worth are wondering whether Congress will act to keep the current federal estate tax exemption of $5.12 million per individual from returning to $1 million at the end of the year. Additionally, estate taxes above the exemption are slated to rise to 55 percent from the […]

Handling a Deceased Spouse’s Credit Card Debt in Wisconsin

When a spouse dies, most people are understandably overcome by grief. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, a surviving spouse may also be burdened by their deceased loved one’s credit card debt. In most states, when a credit card debt is in only one spouse’s name, the debt will be paid out of the estate. Any credit card […]

Many Property Owners Would Benefit From a Revocable or Other Trust

Although nearly all property owners choose to protect their investment in the event of an unexpected catastrophe by purchasing insurance, many fail to consider protections from potential legal hazards. If you have real property that you plan on leaving to a child or other heir, you should review your estate plan carefully. By placing your […]

Estate Planning for Deployed Military Members

Service men and women facing deployment obviously have a lot to think about, including estate planning. With proper legal and financial planning, members of the military who are headed overseas can gain valuable peace of mind for themselves and their family members at home. All service members should act before they leave to ensure that […]