Don’t Forget to Address Digital Estate Plans

Perhaps you created your will, set up a trust account for the benefit of your loved ones, and signed health care documents, but have you created a digital estate plan? Nowadays, most people regularly do business online. Many individuals use digital banking logins, create purchasing accounts with their favorite online retailers, and have social media […]

Taking Advantage of the Current Federal Gift-Tax Exemption as Part of Your Estate Plan

The federal government’s $5.12 million lifetime gift-tax exemption for individuals and $10.24 million exemption for married couples is currently scheduled to return to $1 million and $2 million, respectively, at the end of 2012. In anticipation of this decrease, it may be a good idea for some Americans to use this dwindling opportunity to clean […]

Important Estate Planning Topics To Discuss With Your Adult Children

As many parents age, they begin to face some difficult decisions regarding what to tell their children about their estate plan. Often, aging parents are reluctant to provide an estimate of their net worth to their adult children. Normally, parents either do not want to worry their offspring or do not wish for them to […]