Transferring Valuable Collections to Loved Ones Following Your Death

Most people think of cash, stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, and real estate when they create their estate plan. Many people overlook valuable collections of artwork or other items they have amassed over the course of their lifetime. Passing on a prized collection can be tricky because most collectors have an emotional attachment to their […]

Making Modifications to Your Estate Plan

A comprehensive estate plan should be dynamic and will often require modifications as your circumstances and wishes change over time. A marriage, divorce, new addition to your family, amended state or federal laws, and an overall shift in priorities may require an adjustment to your estate plan. Additionally, assets placed into popular trust instruments may […]

Everyone Can Benefit From an Advance Care Directive

Many people are reluctant to discuss their end of life wishes. Unfortunately, unexpected health problems like a heart attack often occur before the issue is forced out into the open. When an aging parent or other family member suffers a health scare without an advance care directive in place, it can potentially make already tough […]

Estate Planning is Important for Same-Sex Domestic Partners in Wisconsin

Increasingly, states in the U.S. are permitting domestic partnerships, civil unions, and marriage for same-sex couples. Although New York, Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. allow same-sex partners to marry, Wisconsin does not. The state has, however, allowed for registered domestic partnerships since August 3, 2009. 2009 Wisconsin Act 28 formally recognized […]