Formal and Informal Probate Administration in Wisconsin

Probate is the legal procedure used to transfer someone’s assets after their death. Any Wisconsin estate that is valued in excess of $50,000 must go through the probate administration process unless the property is subject to certain exemptions. For example, assets placed in a revocable living trust or life insurance proceeds are not subject to […]

Common Wisconsin Estate Planning Mistakes

Have you thought about how your death will affect the financial health of your loved ones? Proper estate planning is an essential tool to ensure your money and other assets are transferred according to your wishes after you are gone. Even the most financially savvy individuals can make estate planning mistakes. Some common estate planning […]

Using Estate Planning to Protect Your Family Farm

Transferring the assets associated with a family farm at your death often requires especially unique estate planning. With proper estate planning, you may be able to reduce or eliminate estate taxes, avoid probate, and address potential liquidity issues. First, it is a good idea for family farmers to begin transferring the operating assets of the […]

Using a Revocable Living Trust as an Estate Planning Tool

A revocable living trust is often used as the backbone of a comprehensive estate plan. Individuals or couples often use living trusts to do everything that a will normally does, without many of the hassles that go with probating wills. A revocable living trust is a written agreement that names a trustee to manage your […]