An Advance Care Directive is Part of a Successful Estate Plan

In 2009, approximately 42 million people in the United Stated regularly provided care to an adult who required assistance with daily activities. Another 61.6 million provided care at some point during the year. As the nation’s population ages, more Americans will likely be required to assist aging or disabled parents and other loved ones. Unfortunately, […]

Wisconsin Appeals Court Holds Gifts in Contemplation of Death Were Not Delivered

A Wisconsin appeals court has ruled a dying man’s intention to forgive debts to several of his relatives in anticipation of his death were not valid due to a lack of proper delivery. 88-year-old Roger Hansen died before signing the last draft of a will in which he forgave mortgage loans made to his brother’s […]

Using Estate Planning to Protect Your Wisconsin Family

Over half of American adults and approximately 92 percent of adults under the age of 35 have not written a will. Most assume they do not need a will because any assets left behind will automatically be inherited by family members. Although assets may be distributed according to state intestacy laws, the process can be […]